Vision & Principles
Being the main supplier for household cleaning products & personal care with exceptional performances for our customers  & their consumers.

Staff Motivation
• Reach success through teamwork
• Always  promote efficient & clear communication
• Create an open relationship where challenges are welcome and contribution is rewarded
• Encourage individual characteristics

Focus on Customers’ needs
• Keep our promises
• Build positive & long standing relationships
• Protect & support our customers

Continuous Improvements
• Think that everything will & must get better
• Concentrate on added value, cost reductions & profit increase
• Act swiftly, sharply and with confidence

It’s a daily characteristic of all our processes- The will is that to give a flexible response to the customers’ & market requests.

We put the customer in the condition to know in every detail all elements of production & daily operations.
We offer customers open access to all sensitive data to appreciate practicalities & warranties.

Environment & Quality
No stereotypes, no catchphrases!
Emmegi knows well that quality doesn’t have to be claimed but demonstrated.
The selection of raw materials is not an aspect that can be improvised, check all of them thoroughly is not a practice that can be neglected. Any carelessness towards these aspects will lead to a product of poor value, difficult to appreciate: for this reason the quality is an asset only if it’s kept at the highest standards.

We follow specifications drawn up internally and approved by our own customers. But the quality cannot stop at the product but has to reach processes & methods. The quality of each mechanism will be the quality of the entire company system, the fault on a single detail will condition the result & the reputation of the company.

Emmegi is certified  ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and IFS Household and Personale Care Products to guarantee quality, safety & all legal aspects of our products.

Emmegi has also joined to the A.I.S.E Charter for Sustainable cleaning, a system that is geared to safeguard the health & safety of all people and to protect the environment for generations to come, pursuing the continuous improvement towards sustainability.