Contract Manufacturing
The most important brands in detergents and personal care entrust Emmegi every day for the production of their products. Emmegi ensures a complete support, from the development to the engineering of the product, with the utmost transparency and sharing of quality & quantity objective.

Private label
Thanks to its uniqueness as producer of brands well know both nationally & internationally, Emmegi is capable of giving access to private labels to a huge heritage of know-how and solutions otherwise not easy to source. Thanks to the wide range of products Emmegi has the chance to be a strategic partner in the distribution, guaranteeing competitive conditions.

Own Brands
Beautiful & accessible, practical & effective, innovative & multi -purpose, aware of the latest fragrances, Emmegi’s brands represent the “smart choice” of the market.

Careful in respecting the promised quality and values, trademarks of the company, they are its emblem, representing it in all market segments.

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